I’m an ex-long distance runner who had the goal of completing a marathon before I turned 30. Unfortunately, due to still undiagnosed problems with my feet, I had to stop running in 2009, at age 24. I started playing wheelchair basketball soon afterwards, but it was watching the wheelchair racers in the 2011 London Marathon that inspired me to attempt my goal again. In June 2011 I pushed around the track in a borrowed racing chair for the first time.

I learnt from my last blog – Running from Zombies – that the online community can be great support when it comes to sport. I also hope to use this blog to motivate myself, and share my experiences in trying something new.

If you stop by, please feel free to leave a message on this page and say a little about yourself. If you know of any other blogs or websites that relate then please leave a link, thanks!



  1. Yay Sai – pleasure to find your blog. Looking forward to reading! much cheer

    • Thanks! I’ve been following yours on and off for about a year – posted under my other username, isach93, on your entry about crutches!

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