Posted by: Sai | April 18, 2012

21 Days

3 weeks to go and I haven’t been to the track since my last post. It’s not as if I don’t want to, but I just don’t seem to have the time. Poor excuse I know. As always, basketball has taken priority over training for this race, and with the end of the season approaching I’ve actually been pretty busy. I attended the first BWB Women’s Basketball Development Camp which spanned 2 days last week. It was really great but left me feeling a tad sore for a few days afterwards! I’ve had games and training sessions, and have 2 more tournament days in the next 2 weeks. What with work on top of that, finding the time for the track, or even the gym for that matter, has been tough. Today I’d put some time aside to get the racer out but it’s pouring down outside and I have no desire to get soaked and spend the afternoon slipping off the pushrims. Instead, I’ll get to the gym (for the first time in a month) and hopefully get to the track at the weekend.

I still intend to do this race, though I must admit that motivation is lacking…


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