Posted by: Sai | March 4, 2012

The 10k

I’d decided on a 10k race fairly early on – the Silverstone 10k organised by Silson Joggers – and was just waiting for them to start accepting entries. When it finally opened a few weeks ago I was suddenly hesitant. I haven’t been in the racing chair since October, nearly 5 months ago, my motivation has been…shaky, and ongoing problems with my diagnosis is making me wonder exactly where I sit with regards to disability. Every time I had decided I was going to apply, I would put off actually doing it. Well yesterday I finally bit the bullet and posted off my application for a place.

I think in the end I talked myself into it. The big factors being a) the need for more cardio exercise, and b) that I would still like to do a marathon one day. The negatives are really small in comparison, such as the chair being such a poor fit for me, not being in shape in time, looking silly in front of the Real Racers etc… I suppose if it came down to it, it’s easier to apply and not turn up, than to want to race and it being too late to apply.

I now have 66 days to get myself ready! I suppose I should put some work into this blog as well eh? :-)


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