Posted by: Sai | February 3, 2012


Long time no update, but that’s pretty much just because I have nothing to say. As I mentioned in my last post I managed to injure my thumb in December and it’s taking a frustratingly long time to heal. I went swimming on New Year’s Day and found that, apart from some aching, my thumb could manage it. On the 6th I tried some resistance work at the gym and failed miserably – it was far too early for that. Lots of rest, a bit more time in the pool, and the occassional attempt in the gym, and I decided to get back in the basketball chair on the 19th. I mostly just pottered around during the kids session and had to sit out of most of the Elite (basketball training is split into 3 sessions one after each other – Skills, Drills, and Elite). All in all, I was desperate to do some sort of exercise but was also wary of pushing it and damaging my thumb again. I pulled out of 2 games last weekend, I’m still having problems with it, and guess it’s going to take a good while longer before it’s up to scratch. Unfortunately it’s Women’s League basketball on Sunday, which I jumped through hoops at work to get time off for, and have already said I’d attend. The coach knows that I might struggle, but I’m determined to give it a go. So January’s rest day tally was 58%, at least an improvement on December.

It feels like years since I’ve been in the Fatboy, though it was only October. I feel bad that I haven’t given it the commitment I think it probably deserves. I would like to give another go of it (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this blog) and I’m determined to enter the 10k I always said I would in May. My biggest problem at the moment is training outside in the cold, which was part of the reason I stopped last year – my feet really suffer in the cold. Driving home from work last night it was -5C, and we’re probably in for snow over the weekend. I think I need to give it a maximum of one month, and then get back in the chair regardless, I’m going to need those 2 months just to get ready for the race.


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