Posted by: Sai | December 29, 2011

December Exercise Disaster

November’s final tally for rest days was 40%. I’d made a concerted effort and this seems to be the best I’m going to manage without drastically changing my lifestyle. December I knew was going to be slightly different because of visiting family and Christmas preparations. By the 15th December I’d managed 4 basketball training sessions and one resistance session at the gym. That night at basketball I attempted to intercept a pass between members of the opposing team and misjudged it, resulting in the ball catching my thumb, not my palm, and pulling it back at a rather inconvenient angle. Luckily this was right at the end of the session so I spent the last 5 minutes sitting out, attempting to find some ice. Ally had to drive me to the hospital, where we spent 4 hours waiting for an x-ray and a hand splint. They told me I’d broken it, but going back to see a specialist 4 days later (they can’t possibly open at the weekend!!) I was told it was a sprain. It was a week before I could attempt to use my crutches again, and 10 days before the splint came off. I’m going back to the hospital tomorrow to make sure there wasn’t any further damage. Either way, it’s put quite a dampener on exercise this month. Hopefully I’ll be able to swim in a few days and we’ll see how it holds up doing that before trying anything more exciting.


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