Posted by: Sai | November 7, 2011

More Slacking

I suppose it’s time for an update, though this is really to shame myself into trying a bit harder. I haven’t been to the track since my last post…in fact it’s been a week and a half, and I know I won’t be going this Wednesday either due to work. Missing last Wednesday was due to work as well, though I also managed to pick up a cold, which means that 6 days were just written off. I’m still feeling it, but played in a women’s league basketball tournament yesterday and really didn’t want to miss it. Tomorrow I’ll be back at the gym.

To add insult to injury, my ‘rest day’ percentage from last month was 44%, which means it’s increasing every month since I started keeping track. I’m wondering if my plan to motivate myself by keeping a record of it is actually still working. This month I’m determined to make sure my rest days are under 40%.

Still no date for the 10k I’m planning on entering next year, but it’s still early. I like to have a date to count down to, something I discovered when I was running road races, as it helps me motivate myself a bit more. In the mean time, more time at the gym, and try to get to the local track on my own.



  1. Lets go to the gym and tear it up!!!!

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