Posted by: Sai | October 28, 2011


A few things on the agenda today. First and foremost is that I actually went to the track on Wednesday! It rained a little on the drive there but was thankfully dry at the track. Over the course of the session the temperature went from a balmy 10 degrees C down to 6 degrees. My asthma was fine, but (despite 2 pairs of socks) I lost feeling in my feet pretty early on and managed to get my ankle into a rather strange position. To be honest though, they’d started to go numb in the car, even with the heater on, so it was no shocker.

To keep warm on the track I pretty much just kept going, throwing in as many slow laps between the organised reps as I could. I probably did about 17 or so laps in the 100 minutes or so we were there. Works out at 6.8km, though bear in mind a lot of the time I was in lane 3 or 4, so possibly a little more. It doesn’t really sound like much, but some of them were sprints and others were very slow.

I’m feeling good about it, and motivated to put some more work in on the track. I’m still aiming to do the Silverstone 10k next spring, which is going to take a little bit of work, even if it’s just maintenance work, over the winter. This is great because yesterday was the 2nd ‘anniversary’ of my last run. As my condition creeped in very gradually I don’t really have a date that it started. I kept running right up the last moment, even though I probably should have stopped when I started having problems in the June. Instead my last run was on 27/10/09. In leiu of a date my condition started, I have this one, which is only 24 months ago but feels like a lifetime. I hope I can run again some day, but until then I have basketball and that ever ellusive marathon.


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