Posted by: Sai | October 19, 2011


Getting back into a routine after my holiday has been harder than expected. I was in a bit of a downer for a while, probably due to the post-holiday blues, not getting a job that I interviewed for, colder and shorter days, and a myriad other things. The basketball season hasn’t started out quite as I’d hoped, and I haven’t been in the racing chair for over a month.

Last week was the first time that I’ve had the opportunity to train and decided against it. It’s cold, dark, wet, and a 40 minute drive each way. I’ve never had a great fondness for track work but it’s pretty much all I can do at the moment, seeing as I’m not quite strong enough to do any great distance, and not confident enough to tackle a raod or path.

I’m realising that wheelchair racing is not the alternative to running that I thought it might be. Running gave me the freedom to go anywhere at any time. Racing is limiting – the surface, the equipment, safety aspects… I’m worried that I’m going to lose my motivation before I’ve even completed a 10k.


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