Posted by: Sai | October 4, 2011


So a bit of a gap since I posted last! This is mainly due to the fact that I took 2 weeks off work, and spent one of those abroad and the rest with family. As such, I’ve done no racing and very little in the way of any exercise. What I have done is eat (a lot), drink, and lay around in the sun.

Looking back at last month I only counted between the 1st and 19th, with the 20th – 30th written off as ‘holiday’. In those first 19 days I also did quite badly with regards to training, only 2 sessions at the track, though 4 at basketball tranining, another 4 at the gym, and 1 at the pool (start of the basketball season is taking priority at the moment). This still left a massive 42% as rest days, a long way off from my planned 25%!

As of the 1st October I am back at it, with the first basketball game for the first team on that day. We played in Maidstone and lost, but it was a big lesson for us and I only hope that other people recognise it enough to learn from it.

A few things to sort out, and back into shift work, so I haven’t had the time I would have liked to hit the gym. I finally got there today and could really notice the difference a few weeks off makes! I’m going to struggle to get to any of the Wednesday track sessions in the forseeable future due to work, but I’ll try to get to the local track at some point in the next few weeks. I have another weekend of basketball this week, with a game on Saturday, and then a game and a demo on the Sunday, which should shock me back into shape!


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