Posted by: Sai | September 14, 2011

Finding Time

Ally used to race in track events and so, when I started at the track a few months ago, there was a general consensus from those that knew him to get his racer back out and join in. He said he didn’t have time for another sport on top of playing and coaching basketball, which I found a bit odd seeing as he was coming along to the track anyway. Now that we’re back training at basketball for the new season I have a better idea of what he means.

I work shifts, which means that I can only make 2 or 3 track sessions a month. There’s another session on a Sunday but there’s also a second basketball training session on most Sundays and basketball still comes first. I have a session that I do at the local track by myself, though that is largely dependant on a) it not raining too much, b) the track being free, and c) it being daytime (I’m often up during the night due to shifts).

So far this month I’ve only been to the track once, and for someone who is still learning the sport it really isn’t enough. I can’t really expect to get involved, get excited, get inspired, get past the 1st mile, if I’m hardly ever in the racer. Yes, the 10k I’m planning on doing first isn’t until May (Silverstone) but I’m bound to push less in the winter – it’s time to commit.


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