Posted by: Sai | September 4, 2011

Keeping Track

When it comes to training/keeping fit, I’ve generally done whatever I fancy whenever I fancy it. Previously, I’ve played basketball, gone to the gym, and occassionally gone swimming. I had a day off whenever I felt like it (or work prevented me from doing anything), and there was generally no structure to what I did. I’ve been writing my own weights programmes for about a year but that was about as close to organised as I got.

In early July I decided that this method wasn’t particularly great, and started to write down what I did each day on a post-it note. The idea was that I would see just how many days off I was taking and push myself to exercise more. This worked, for a while at least, though I also found myself ensuring that I wasn’t doing the same sort of workout on consecutive days. Somewhat related to that, I noticed that I was spending a large percentage of my days doing weights workouts (possibly linked to the fact we were between basketball seasons) and made a concerted effort to swim and go to the track.

Pie Chart

Because I’m a bit of a geek, below is a chart showing the breakdown of the last 60 days. In case you can’t see it, the biggest blue chunk is my rest days, red is weights, green is track, and purple and light blue are swimming and basketball.

I now intend to create a monthly summary of my workouts to ensure that I’m keeping to what I’ve started – having less rest days, a wider range of workouts, and ensuring that I’m not doing the same workout on consecutive days.


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