Posted by: Sai | August 25, 2011

British Summer Time

Over the last few weeks I’ve been training at Warwick University’s Mondo track with Job King from England Athletics. There’s a small group of us there now and it’s nice to train with other people and get some guidance on what I’m supposed to be doing. However, training at a set time each week does put us at the mercy of British weather.

When I was running the only thing I needed to keep an eye on was the temperature. I learnt fairly early on that if it was going to be below about 12 degrees I was going to struggle with my asthma. Sun, rain, snow; it didn’t really matter, it was all about the temperature. Being in the chair makes things slightly different. When I left home last night it was 19 degrees and overcast but dry. When I arrived 45 minutes later the temperature was down to 14 degrees and we had torrential rain.

I sat in the car for 15 minutes and eventually the rain stopped. Thankfully I’d grabbed my old windproof running jacket and squeezed into that for the duration of the session. Puddles, spray, slippery pushrims, wet and cold toes, jacket rubbing on the tyres, and getting in and out the chair in different trousers are all things that will need some getting used to – even in the middle of August.

If I intend to tackle some of the longer races I’m going to have to get used to the idea of training in the cold and wet (or investing in some rollers). The last thing I need is some fair weather training and then a downpour on race day.


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