Posted by: Sai | August 1, 2011

The Fatboy

Once set in my conviction to get into racing I had to first find myself a racing chair. Ally raced some years ago and his chair is collecting dust in the garage – alas, too narrow for my non-paralysed arse. I therefore went to the only other person I know who might have been able to help, the dad of a girl from my basketball club. He managed to find something pretty quickly and a few weeks later we brought home The Fatboy. Strictly speaking I’m not sure who he actually belongs to, but I’m assured his previous owner doesn’t need him at the moment.

He got named pretty early on, he’s a little bit too wide for me (better than too small!) but otherwise in pretty good nick. The footplate had to come off before I could use it, and a great kneeling cushion was invented by the same guy who found the chair. It’s all held together with velcro straps, though I’ve got it how I want it so tend to leave them all done up and get into the chair (rather ungracefully) without moving them about.

At the moment I’m sitting on a piece of foam and a folded beach towel to give myself a little bit more height, but my biggest problem is that he’s so wide I hit my upper arms on the top of the wheelarch. Not only is this giving me some nice bruises, and probably preventing me from pushing as hard as I could, but it’s also stopping me from coming off the bottom of the pushrim properly.

Though really I’m glad this this is my only problem and just thankful that I managed to find a half decent chair that no-one minded me using. Getting something of my own is financially impossible right now so for the forseeable future I’ll be riding in The Fatboy.


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