Posted by: Sai | July 14, 2011

Braving Middle Distance

I was always a long distance runner and that’s really what I want to get back in to with the racing chair. I went back to the track yesterday, and after 2 laps warmup and 3 laps of 100m on/100m off, I decided I needed to work out the kinks of pushing over a long distance.

Sitting on a piece of foam and a towel raised me up a little bit but I’m still hitting my arms on the wheelarches and so I’m not able to come off the bottom of the pushrim (and I’m not pushing as hard as I can because of the bruises on my arms). I found that my legs go numb after a few laps – I’m cutting off the blood supply somewhere – not a massive problem but horrible feeling when I get out the chair. I’m also suffering new aches along my lower back from reaching forward, something I hope I’ll adjust to over time.

I did about a 4km push in around 21 minutes. It’s about what I thought I’d do and I think it’s a good place to start. I can only get quicker from here.

In other news, my basketball club had it’s end of year review and awards evening. I managed to bring home the trophies for 2nd Team Most Valuable Player (voted), and 2nd Team Highest Scoring Player. Bit of a suprise so that was nice. Only 3 weeks until pre season training!


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