Posted by: Sai | July 8, 2011

Learning to Push

Watching the elite athletes makes pushing a racing chair look easy. The first time I got in the chair I kept missing the pushrims (being used to basketball pushrims), sliding off them when I did catch them, catching them with the wrong part of the glove and generally just smashing my upper arms into the top of the wheelarch (the chair is a little too wide and the seat a little too low).

I had to wait a bit while my kneeling staps were sewn into place, but I got hold of the chair again 2 days ago and attempted to get some sort of technique going. This attempt was a fair improvement over last time. 2 warmup laps and 6 x 150m sprints. I hit the pushrims in the right place and with the right part of the glove.

There’s a track only a few miles from my house and I spent all day at work just hoping the rain was going to pass so I could get out for a bit. I’m not going to have a chance to push over the weekend so I was glad, and slightly suprised, when the sun came out just before I left work. I did a couple of warm up laps, then took some times for the 400, 300, 200 and 100m. I’m slipping off the pushrims less often now and my partner, Ally (who has designated himself as coach), thought taking times would be a good idea. After that I did 2 x 3 laps of 100m on/100m off. Tiring stuff, and my upper arms are bruised again!


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