Posted by: Sai | June 30, 2011

The Road So Far

I wasn’t a particularly sporty kid, I probably did as much or as little as anyone else. Though after developing exericise induced asthma at around age 7, and not really understanding it, I tended to stick to sports that didn’t involve too much in the way of exersion.

I was about 19 or 20 when I decided to run. I’d always liked the idea of it but my asthma held me back. I tried running round the block but I had to stop every hundred yards, and in the end I gave up. A couple of years later I was in the university gym and decided to use the treadmill. I started with intervals, one minute running and one minute walking. I gradually got the hang of it and started to enjoy it as much as I’d hoped I would. 17 months later, in September of 2008, I ran my first 5km road race. I learnt more about my asthma and running supressed my symptoms dramatically. I loved running, it was a constant in my life. It kept me fit, kept me happy, and was great for the stress of final exams at university. I started a blog, which you can see the archives of here.

The following summer I ran 2 10km and 1 5km road races. Looking to increase my distances I signed up for another 10k and a 10 mile race for 2010, and started thinking about marathon training. Unfortunately, I had started to have problems with my feet. Assuming it was related to running I changed my trainers and re-examined my running style, but it didn’t help. My doctor didn’t know what it was and it just got worse. I had to stop running in October of 2009.

I started playing wheelchair basketball and really enjoyed it. When I realised that my feet weren’t going to be getting better any time soon I started to take basketball more seriously – the 2010/2011 season was very successful for us – but as much as I enjoyed it, I’d always preferred doing sport as an individual and team sports just wasn’t the same for me. Watching the 2011 London Marathon kicked me into gear and helped me make the decision to get back into road racing and do the marathon I’d said I’d do before I was 30.

I asked around for a spare or second hand racing chair and was lucky enough to find one in pretty good condition. The problems with my feet meant I couldn’t use a footplate and so a friend helped to create a system of velcro straps that would hold my legs in a half kneeling position. On Sunday 26th June I did my first 5 laps of Warwick University’s track.


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